Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pet need to be vaccinated to attend daycare and/or receive grooming services?

Yes, all pets attending daycare or receiving grooming services must have current vaccinations. Current vaccinations include Rabies (annual), Parvo (annual), Canine Distemper (annual) and Bordetella (recommended six months).

Does my pet need to be spayed or neutered in order to attend daycare or receive grooming services?

Pets need to be spayed or neutered if older than 7 months only when attending daycare. If we make an exception and your pet comes into our facility when it has not been spayed or neutered, we will not be held responsible for any unplanned pregnancies that occur.

Do I need to bring bedding and food?

We provide blankets and bedding for your dog during their daycare period. Please do not bring toys, blankets or beds from home. If you would like your dog to be fed during their daycare period, we encourage you to bring your own dog food.

How do you handle aggressive dogs?

We permit only playful and non-aggressive dogs in our facility; therefore, all pets admitted to our daycare facility must first pass a free temperament evaluation test for the safety of the staff and other dogs. However, we understand that some dogs have bad days and may display erratically aggressive behavior. In this case, the dog(s) involved may be separated from the rest of the group for 15 minutes for their aggressiveness to settle. If aggressive behavior becomes consistent, the aggressive dog may be subject to ejection from the facility and handed back to the owner until the aggression is corrected.

Is daycare provided with grooming services?

Yes, free daycare is provided with any grooming or bathing service.

What if I can't make it back in time to pick up my dog?

We will do our best to work with you. However, we charge a late pick-up fee of $20 after our closing time.